Church role in family values


As a denomination we realise that the Bible has stressed the importance of the family and has gone to great lengths to describing the role and function as well as the responsibilities of each relationship in the family. It is also no secret that in this day and age many of these values have been ignored, discarded or compromised by socio economic and political influences. At present whilst we are faced with an increase in unemployment, it can be said that the major issues destroying the social fabric of the family are poverty and H.I.V. / AIDS. If communities were able to address these two major issues together with the politicians and the business sector, then they would be on a road to recovery, which will realise all the points, mentioned in the Bill of Rights and the freedom Charter. From a religious perspective it can be safely said that it is God’s plan to provide for all His children, and that the Church as presented in the early chapters of the book of Acts was that express vehicle to assist and support all those who were in need.

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A Country fit for children

As a people we are continually being confronted with child murders, abductions and abuse. At this very moment in time the nation is gripped with the awful facts relating to the Norton bay murder. What is being done about these things and what do we do to prevent these things from happening in the future? The only way that the State can respond is through the development of legislation that can be implemented to all spheres of government. Such legislation has in fact been passed on a national level and will now deal with all matters relating to children on a national scale. Important issues such as virginity testing and forced customary male circumcision have been addressed. No girl under the age of 16 years of age may be subject to any virginity testing. Furthermore if a girl submits to such a test it must be done privately and no outward markings may be put on her. Customary male circumcision has been banned and can only take place if the boy is 18 years old. This however does not apply to circumcision that relates to religious practises.

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