A Time of giving

In thinking about an article for the Dunamis for the Christmas season I was reminded that we as a denomination have set aside November as our “welfare” month. One Sunday in the month has been set aside so that assemblies can take up a special offering for our welfare department. Late in September of this year we had a break in at our old age home in Brakpan. Somehow the thief managed to get over barbed wire and a high gate, broke a window and used it to get into the kitchen. Fortunately our night staff disturbed the thief and he fled. The elderly in our care need our protection and it is therefore my hope that we will be able to use what ever funds we can get to upgrade the security of our old age home.

Alternatively there might be a person in a local assembly who might be able to help us. Every year we hear sermons about the fact that this is the time when we celebrate the greatest gift man could ever receive. Jesus Christ who is very God became very man to live and die here on earth and gave us the gift of eternal life. Today, we are faced with the harsh reality of a recession that has been likened to the Great Depression in the 1930’s. People have been retrenched and jobs have been eliminated. Politicians are making promises of something better in the near future but we need to understand that man does not have the ability to dictate what in fact is something that is in God’s hands. I do believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only vehicle that can make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy. In fact the Church has always been the leader in showing compassion and social justice to all those who are oppressed by sin. You as an individual can be used to make an impact in your assembly and community. There are people in your community who need help and right now God is looking for a person who is willing and available to give of their talents, time and substance. Please contact me at 011-837-5719 or cellular 082-490-8151 if you can help with the upgrading the security at our Ebenhaeser Old Age Home in Brakpan.