The international year of the family

As I was preparing for my usual article for our magazine I felt that it would also be wise to have a look at some of the things that are taking place in our country during the course of this year.  I therefore took the liberty of looking at the international calendar for all countries in the world and noted that this year has been declared the...

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War on the family

Why such a title for Christmas?

Why upset you at such a special time of the year? At the start of this year I informed readers of this column that this year is especially dedicated to the family. Up until now I have endeavoured to share some of the roles and responsibilities that are needed to make the family as a unit function in current...

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A Country fit for children

As a people we are continually being confronted with child murders, abductions and abuse. At this very moment in time the nation is gripped with the awful facts relating to the Norton bay murder. What is being done about these things and what do we do to prevent these things from happening in the future? The only way that the State can respond is...

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Church role in family values


As a denomination we realise that the Bible has stressed the importance of the family and has gone to great lengths to describing the role and function as well as the responsibilities of each relationship in the family. It is also no secret that in this day and age many of these values have been ignored, discarded or compromised by...

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