People of honour

It has been a long time since the members of our welfare council have been introduced to the Church. As I looked at our last edition of the Dunamis I  saw the names of our committee and felt that it was only right that you as the reader should be introduced to the folks who are at the helm of this ministry. This has become more relevant in the...

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On the receiving end

It is said that in this world you have two classes of people – “the givers” and “the takers.” Some people think that most people just use others for their own personal gain and interests. In servant leadership the leader is expected to give and not receive anything in return. If you had to look at the passages Matthew 26:6 – 13; Mark 14:3 – 9; and...

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Not now, I am tired

I think the words that serve as the title of this short article are the most horrible words that you or I would like to hear. They tell us that there is no space or time for us and even causes much pain and anguish in relationships. To my mind there are three relationship areas that are affected by these words:


More pressure is placed on a...

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Identification with a cause

There is a deep seated desire in the hearts of human beings to identify with a cause, country or ideology. In most instances we see this linked to some sort of symbol or a flag. Historically we acknowledge that those who support Christianity are those who where a cross as a form of jewelry to indicate their relationship to Jesus Christ. Many of us...

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