Help for the needy

During the past few months I have been ministering from Job, and sharing some of the important truths that one is able to learn from this tremendous book. In most instances we usually turn to Job to give us some encouragement when we go through hard times. It also serves as a reminder that we are sometimes exposed to great hardships, as a result...

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When we look at leadership I do think that this is one of the most dangerous traps for a leader. This is especially true when you have a group of people who know what to do and you can always count on them to do what you want the right way. I think it is only natural that a mother wants the best for her children and in looking at Matthew 20:20 -

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End times are here

If a person wants to study prophecy today, they would need to go no further than Matthew 24 to 25 to find the foundation that Jesus has given in the New Testament  to look at the “End Times” or “Last Days.” I would like to just take Matt.24:6-14 as the basis for these few thoughts. When you read the newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch...

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Divine call to the ministry and a disfunctional church

As we come to the middle of our current year it is wise to reflect on what we are doing in the work of God. It is also the time to evaluate how we are meeting our objectives and goals. Whilst this happens in the business world on an ongoing basis it is not always seen in the local church and denomination structures in our country. What is more...

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